frequently asked questions.

What you should know before your first MFR session.

MFR Therapy is a hands-on treatment, and while it is similar to Physiotherapy and massage, there are important differences. Download the info below to make sure you are prepared for your first session with me.
Where is your practice?

My practice is located in Ballito, KZN. 1st floor Warne House, 7 Garlicke Drive, Ballito.

Is the treatment covered by medical aid?
MFR treatment will save you and your medical insurance substantial amounts of money but unfortunately it is currently not covered by any medical aid scheme in South Africa.
Is there anything specific that I must not do before a session?
Do not use body cream or lotion on the day of the treatment. Do not use pain killers or anti-inflammatory medicine before the session.
How many times will I have to make an appointment before I am cured?
MFR is not a quick fix and the length of treatment depends entirely on the severity of the restriction that must be treated. My aim is to show you how to help yourself as quickly as possible so that you can allow your body to heal itself. I do recommend at least three therapy sessions.
How do I make an appointment?
Email me to make an appointment online.
What must I wear to a treatment session?

I will do a body assessment before your session. Ladies if you are not comfortable in your underwear for the body assessment, please bring a 2-piece bikini. Men must please wear comfortable loose-fitting training shorts and a t-shirt.

What can I expect during a treatment session and thereafter?
MFR is a gentle hands-on treatment. It is not a massage and neither is it the manipulation of bone or muscles. You may experience some discomfort and fatigue in the 48 hours after the session.
How do I make payment?
Pay by EFT into my bank account. I also accept Zapper® at my practice.

I am living proof that MFR Therapy works.

I became interested in healing through movement years ago, after a severe accident that nearly cost me my legs. Certain practices such as Pilates and yoga helped me a great deal. However, it was when I learned about fascia and discovered MFR Therapy that my healing truly began.

I use the John Barnes Method® of MFR Therapy, and make a point of continually reading, learning and studying to improve my practice.

How can I help you?

In my practice, I use Myofascial Release Therapy to eliminate chronic pain, and improve and restore movement. I work with clients of all ages, especially professional sports people and young athletes. Through MFR Therapy, I can help your body heal itself.

Get in touch.

My practice is located in Ballito, KZN.

Contact me for more information about what I do and if you have any questions.

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Zelda Visser
082 887 4050

Or you can email me:

If you would like to pop in, I’m located:

Pause Apparel & Fitness Studio
Ballito Steps,
Shop 3 Upper Floor
10 Jack Powell Road,
Durban, KZN