About my practice.

In my practice I do not treat symptoms.

I treat individual people. Each person is unique. Therapy sessions are one-on-one and hands-on without using oils, creams and/or machines.

I believe in the unique ability of the body to self-correct and self-heal. I promote this in my practice through education in proper body mechanics and movement. I will provide you with self-treatment advice that will enhance your strength, improve your flexibility and create postural and movement awareness. I learned the most about the human body, pain and movement in my treatment room.

I am living proof that MFR Therapy works.

I became interested in healing through movement years ago, after a severe accident that nearly cost me my legs. Certain practices such as Pilates and yoga helped me a great deal. However, it was when I learned about fascia and discovered MFR Therapy that my healing truly began.

I use the John Barnes Method® of MFR Therapy, and make a point of continually reading, learning and studying to improve my practice.

Relief from pain to restore your movement.

I believe that movement heals – if it is done the right way, and guided by a professional.

My Fascia Fitness classes can help you find relief from pain, and return to an active lifestyle.

Is pain stopping you from living an active life?

Are you too scared to exercise because of pain or injury?

I can help you find relief from pain through movement.

How can I help you?

In my practice, I use Myofascial Release Therapy to eliminate chronic pain, and improve and restore movement. I work with clients of all ages, especially professional sports people and young athletes. Through MFR Therapy, I can help your body heal itself.

Get in touch.

My practice is located in Ballito, KZN.

Contact me for more information about what I do and if you have any questions.

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Zelda Visser @ +27 82 887 4050

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Pause Apparel & Fitness Studio
Ballito Steps,
Shop 3 Upper Floor
10 Jack Powell Road,
Ballito, Durban, KZN

Pause Apparel & Fitness Studio